Theresa Gray

BClinSc: Human Nutrition
Anutr: Nutrition Society of Australia

Food as Medicine: Monash University

Nutritonal Medicine: Australian Institue of Applied Science
Member: Northern rivers food


Hi There!

I’m Theresa a quiet achiever with lots of passion and drive.

I am creative. I am in love with nature. I crave physical activity even if it’s just a walk down the street and I love chocolate! Sometimes I like to stop and watch people getting on with their lives whilst I breathe in my coffee. On that note, I fancy great tasting coffee and take pleasure in listening to the sound and smell of coffee being made.

I dream big and chase after my goals even if it means I burn the candle at both ends. I have been known to over think things but on the other hand I do not procrastinate.

Listening to music calms me and can touch my soul.

I understand what it’s like to be a busy working mum and wife, tired, overweight and run down. In my teenage years I suffered from disordered eating and was also a gym junkie. Two years after the birth of my first child I was still 20kg overweight. I am not perfect and as I grow older I realise I do not care to be.


I’m a Nutritionist! I graduated with a Bachelor in Clinical Science, Human Nutrition major. I love saying that!!! I worked extremely hard to achieve this goal and in 2014 when I started university did not know if it was achievable. At the time I was working full time as a family day care educator and had 3 children all in school.

So what’s the difference between a Nutritionist and an Advanced Practicing Dietitian (APD)?

A nutritionist can advise on matters relating to food and how that impacts health. I am a pro-health advisor. In contrast, the role of a dietitian is to provide medical advice or medical nutrition therapy.

I aspire to help, listen and share information with people. Now I would like to take you on this journey with me, inspiring you to better health and wellbeing.


My goal for Be Inspired Nutrition.

Be Inspired Nutrition is helping individuals get excited about food and nutrition and to celebrate in health and wellbeing.
Through evidence based practice and continuing professional development, I will provide you the tools and information that help you build a healthy relationship with food. Including, a focus on practical strategies for modern, busy people that encompasses variety and moderation. Additionally, I endeavour making your experience rewarding, enjoyable and fun.
This will be achieved by providing a caring, warm and supportive environment that embraces equality and diversity. In addition, I strive in working towards building strong relationships with clients and active working relationships within the community.

“At Be Inspired Nutrition I encourage you to feel inspired so you can create your own healthy eating pattern”.


My family

My family


What I Do:



My program covers educational and fun workshops on nutrition, including basic home cooking and beginners cooking classes. Other, workshops include cooking on a budget, quick and healthy meals and children’s and adolescent nutrition.


I also offer individual nutrition assessment and prescription, supermarket tours, meal planning, menu and recipe analysis, simple swaps and information on how to read nutrition labels including making sense of and debunking nutritional claims.


My eating philosophy is all about balance and creating long term healthy habits.
I don’t promote or believe in fad diets, detoxes, quick fixes or eliminating whole food groups.


I have a Bachelor in Clinical Science, Human Nutrition and I am accredited with the Nutrition Society of Australia as an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr). As well as studying Nutritional Medicine and Food as Medicine, I am a member with Northern Rivers Food. I have a current Senior First aid certificate, Food safety certificate, Working with children's check, Child protection certificate and hold a Blue card. In addition, I have a certificate III in children’s services and was a child care educator for 18 years.