Booking a Consultation


Adult Consultations

The “adult consultation” and “follow up” aims to assist you with improving your health and wellbeing, including help with weight loss and or to help prevent chronic diseases. This is a one hour initial consult and the price quoted is for consultation in my office. However, other
options are available, such as Skype or in the comfort of your home. Ask me for a price!
Follow up consultations: Gives you the chance to review your progression, address barriers to success and an opportunity to ask further questions or address concerns.


Child Consultations

The child consultation and follow up aims to assist your child to better their health and wellbeing. This includes assessing their diet history and giving ideas on simple swaps, receiving recipes, addressing fussy eating and much more. Ask me how? Call for an appointment today!


Bridal Nutrition

The Bridal nutrition consult is a personalised healthy eating plan. It aims to provide better health and wellbeing that helps you feel more energised, in addition to supporting and boosting your immune system. Moreover, it assists in building self-confidence and self-esteem, gets you thinking more clearly and have a better focus. Furthermore, it will decrease anxiety and stress and help you sleep better and feel more rested.Only, this won't just be for your special day. As I will be giving you the tools to help you along the way, that will stay with you a life time.


Meal Planning

Let me assist you to think ahead and plan meals and snacks for yourself or your family, based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and Australian Guide to Healthy Eating tools. These guides are fundamental in helping understand healthy eating and also the best way to keep your health on track. Want to know more? Give me a call!


Menu & Recipe Analysis

Need help in making your favourite recipes healthier?
I can help you find healthier alternatives to problematic ingredients and or help create recipes meet specific targets such as low sugar, fat or salt. I can assist in improving the health value of a menu and or develop menus for specific health needs. Want further information? Ask me today!


Supermarket Tour & Trolley Makeover

Are you often left confused about what the healthiest food options are at the supermarket? Have you been diagnosed with a condition that needs a specific diet? Do you want to learn ways to save yourself money on your grocery bill? Would you like to learn how to read nutritional labels on the back of packaged products? I can help! This consult involves a trip to the grocery store to make over your trolley and learn the secrets of the supermarket. Small group booking also available.



Pantry Makeover

To begin your healthy food journey you may need to clean out your pantry. This consult involves me coming into your home and helping you restock your pantry. In addition, I will show you how to read nutrition labels, help you choose healthier versions of the foods you currently have, and show you how to turn your ingredients into simple but nutritious meals in the kitchen. Just ask me!


How To Read A Nutrition Label

Food labels can be confusing and tedious to understand. But, I can help you read these labels by showing you simply what they mean. In addition I can give you tips to make shopping for foods a whole lot easier and help you make healthier decisions by avoiding the extra kilojoules, sugars, salt and saturated fats. I can even help you make sense of the health star rating system and health claims on packaged products. Why not make a booking today!



Consultation Pricing