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Basic Nutrition Workshop

Want to learn the basics in nutrition? This workshop is for you! It doesn’t offer any certificates but does teach you basic knowledge for your own personal benefit. Take a 90 minute class on Macros (macro-nutrient) or a 90 minute workshop on Good Nutrition. You can include a cooking class if you like (3 hours) or a cooking demonstration (2 hours). It’s totally up to you!

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Beginners Cooking Classes

Learn some home cooking skills in 3 hours that will remain with you for life. Come on a journey with me where I can show you how to cook for yourself and others. Cooking skills include chopping boiling, pouching, steaming and preparing food. Then sit down and share a delicious meal together that you have created.

Individual 3h workshop in the Be Inspired Kitchen


Cooking On A Budget

For many people money is tight and bills add up constantly. This workshop discusses tips and tricks in keeping costs down whilst still preparing, cooking and serving food that is delicious and nutritious. 


Quick & Healthy Meals

Quick, tasty, easy meals prepared in 5 to 30 minutes. In this workshop learn ways to toss ingredients together to create a nutritious meal.


Children's Nutrition & Women’s Health and Well-being Workshop

One to five years in a child’s life is a period of developmental changes and toddlers have high nutritional needs at this time. This workshop discusses nutritional requirements, from ages 6 months to 12 years including establishing an eating plan, routines, lunch boxes, nutritional labels, fussy eating and simple swaps with additional information on dairy, carbohydrates and proteins. Included in this workshop is a bonus children's cookbook and new and fresh look at recipes. Furthermore, we are not forgetting that important person. "Yes you!" who also needs looking after, with the inclusion of a Women's Health and Well-being component, some food sampling on the day/ night and a bonus surprise pamper gift just for you. If you have a child in the home that you care for then this workshop is for you. 


Adolescent Nutrition

Good nutrition is necessary during adolescence to support healthy growth and development. A healthy diet needs to meet the changes in a growing teenager. This workshop will look at the nutritional needs for teenagers, fast foods, energy drinks and sugared beverages, body image, acne and eating as a family.


Growing Your Own Veggies

This workshop will cover the basics of vegetable gardening.

This workshop is unavailable until further notice



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